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This service provides you with a renewed sense of energy within the body and energy fields. Even subtle energies make big shifts. When we realign our imbalanced energy centers, through various methods, harmony is created. 


A session is like having a massage for your soul. Release, breathe, and restore. You will enjoy these sessions with meditative guidance + sounds to raise heart coherency. As the facilitator, I will practice energy healing, sound therapy, and shamanic journeying. 


Our energy is important. We are energy beings. We learn so much about ourselves by understanding our energy. There is energy moving within and all around our being. We may interpret these subtle energies the more in tune we become. Situations and influences get easier to manage when energy is aligned. 

By using the frequencies of sound to realign energy, our personal frequency is elevated. High vibrational sound influences our personal vibration for recalibration. Specific frequencies in clearing static energy will restore balance. Tuning forks and shamanic drumming will elevate our biofield back to high frequencies.

Let's Get on the path

To begin exploring, a minimum of three sessions is best.

To support this, your first three sessions are discounted to $300, payable prior to our first session.

Please cancel session with at least 24 hours notice.

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