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Exploring the Native

Beyond quantum healing is a heart-based modality that allows one to connect with their higher self for the answers they seek. There is virtue in connecting with a higher guidance team for the direction and love that needs to fill within the heart. A facilitator guides their client through consciousness exploration where one gets to explore different worlds, past lives, and the most relevant time and space for their understanding. The explorer goes into a session with no expectations of where they may go– letting go of expectations is key. It’s an exciting journey, accepting whatever needs to be, with curiosity and an open heart for the utmost experience. One explores guided through the journey, sharing out-loud what is being experienced, which may be felt, seen, heard, or understood in any impression that arises. Quantum healing allows understanding and guidance to areas needed for more clarity. Prepared questions could be related to anything from career, family, relationships, health issues or concerns, recurring dreams, chronic stress, or any question that allows for better direction in the person's current life. The questions are directed to their higher self and higher guidance team to provide answers, if it’s in the person’s highest good to understand at that time. This connection comes by way of impressions they receive from their own imagination. Our mind needs to control and ensure we are protected from unnatural states. So we get comfortable with ways of living thanks to our ego. In a quantum healing session, you are changing perspective of what you ever thought was possible. We have dreams in our sleep and possibly daydream. We are creators and perhaps this is not realized, so when we are in states of creating in a dream or manifesting something we want, we may wonder of the validity due to our ego mind. Yes, indeed it’s real because it was imagined; it is creation. So, our imagination is powerful and we should use it more. In quantum healing, the answers we search for are discovered through imagination. The reasons to have a beyond quantum healing session may be to discover something deeper within, or to better understand current challenges. A session allows the appropriate time and space for the person to address this part of themselves. There is heart-opening and consciousness expansion by bringing the essence of themself to understand those parts that need awareness. It is their new awareness that gives the shifts the ability to create healing. My experiences with beyond quantum healing have been intriguing. I’ve discovered profound parts of myself and journeyed to various places. And yes, I questioned what was being said, during my first session– my ego mind, protecting me from the unnatural state it was in. But I’ve since learned that our natural state is exactly when our heart and mind are coherent, which a beyond quantum healing session so beautifully creates. One journey allowed me to explore my past life as an Apache Native American. It was such a heartfelt experience, getting emotional as I connected with the chief. Excerpt from my session transcription: And I'm walking barefoot and over to the left I see what appears to be a village. And everyone looks to be pretty native. I just have this leather garment, below my waist and I'm shirtless and I'm walking barefoot. I feel like I'm in my twenties, tall, and muscular. And I've got this leather strap around my wrist. Uh, there's nothing on it, but it feels like it'd be where I’d put a tool, maybe to hold it in place, but I don't have any tools with me. Within my journey, I met the chief of the tribe that I was part of. He was very approachable, like a grandfather. His skin was weathered from the sun, and there was a kindness and comfort being near him. Excerpt from my session transcription: He gives me a hug and says “My son you see all of this, you are part of this connection, to Earth and this connection to the people. You will always belong here, and you are safe here, this is home. You are their brother and you are my son, and we love you.” The experience revealed answers from my higher guidance team. The following question was asked, By raising the vibration, will peace and harmony increase within the collective? The response: Yes, without a doubt there is more connection with raising vibration and with that collective harmony will naturally occur. When more people understand that we are not individual beings but are one – vibrating together as a whole on this planet, the harmony within will increase. Another question asked, What happens to the negative energy? The negative energy will neutralize and those that are open to increase more positive energy will magnify for those who are still in the negative and with that slowly neutralize, as they increase their awareness of this shift and practice the ways to vibrate high, neutralizing slowly but surely occurs. For me, beyond quantum healing has been an expansion of heart and mind, with a depth of understanding and coherence. I’m grateful for the new connection to self, which I’ve discovered is much more than the constructs of my identity. The clarity I have received has shown me how connected I am to spirit. I feel free from the limitations I once put on myself, and now accept that I am creating my world each and every moment. I’ve learned that by living true to your highest good, everything becomes much easier. #beyondquantumhealing #quantumhealing #expandingconsciousness

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