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Why so serious?

My father was rather stoic. I'd even say grumpy at times.

I admit I can be a rather serious guy myself. You may know a guy or two on the serious side.

Personal reality (personality) comes from our internal reality.

I believe men tend to hold emotions because we grew up never being taught how to express emotions. As a society, we have accepted that men should not express these feelings.

"Stop crying!"

Basically, stop expressing your emotions because I don't know how to either, said the caretaker.

Stoicism had to have come from proper elitesโ€” the know-it-alls, by being unemotional you seemed to have it all together. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Emotions that are held in and not properly processed are stored. And what happens to stored emotions becomes levels of disconnect from true authenticity.

It's like pretending to be happy when you really want to cry. I imagine layers upon layers of stuck energy just waiting to be compassionately felt.

By being authentic, we get to express our emotions freely.


When you are masking your authenticity, there is a disconnect from how you really are in the present moment.

Being serious to others in actuality is how you feel internally. Itโ€™s wearing a mask to hide vulnerability.

Today, the opportunity I have is to be vulnerable at any given moment.

How about you?

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