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Do you believe your higher self and guides are supporting you?

It's a strong belief and we must trust it more.

As we go about our lives, how do we align with our greatest good? Are we reflecting upon our urges and feelings?

When we don't live aligned to our higher self, we are living from patterns of past programming. Thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes cause unhealthy urges, and ultimately keep us in a loop of self-sabotage.

This reflection comes from my own experience of self-sabotage. In lower states of consciousness, challenges kept me stuck. Once I took complete responsibility for my actions, I intentionally transformed them into higher states of consciousness.

I know my guides were supporting me during all of the challenges, even though I wasn't listening.

We all have spirit guides us, yet we usually go about life without holding this truth. Once we recognize the relationship, we must nurture it just like any other relationship.

We live to the fullest with choice. We remain aligned by acting upon our intentions and trusting the support.

We ultimately know what is best for our well-being, and we have a team of unconditional loving energy by our side.


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