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Smile, You're Supported

Have you ever had the thought, that your higher self and guides are supporting you?

This is a pure and loving thought. It's just a thought that I have come to reflect upon as I live more aligned.

I have established a deeper connection as higher self with my energy guides. I am currently studying applied shamanism. "Applied" because it is how we can apply and integrate the teaching of shamanism into our modern life.

As we go about our life, are we actively living aligned with our greatest good? Are we reflecting upon our urges and feelings? What are these feelings really telling us anyway?

When we do not live according to our higher consciousness, we are living in an energetic pattern of past programming. These beliefs and attitudes are what cause urges and ultimately keep us in a loop of self-sabotage.

My thought comes from my own experience of self-sabotage. At times, living as though I don't have a higher consciousness energy being right there to assist me when I have a challenge or teaching I don't fully understand.

We each have higher energy beings and a higher self that knows the way to live in alignment. This influencing 3D world gets distracting from this truth but once we establish the relationship, we can certainly nurture it just like any other relationship.

We can live this life to the fullest if we choose to. The way to remain aligned is to live with intention and remember that returning to this intention will allow for our true reality to be our guide.

I offer you this last thought. We ultimately know what is best for our ascension and we came into this life with purpose. We have a team of loving higher consciousness energy beings ready to support when we are ready.

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