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Trail to Peace

As we walk the trail of life, our opportunity is to return to peace within. However challenging it gets, we must remember we can do it.

I am sad and my heart aches for the wars I know are happening across the planet.

The war we see, the conflicts we see, and the hate we see — these beliefs are what we hold within at a collective level. Unfortunately, we have collectively created these wars.

I know in my heart the time is now that we are purging the disconnect from ourselves, bringing out and up all that has been stored for way too long, as a whole and individually.

The conflicts that we internally struggle with— fear, anger, hate, stress, sadness, pain — the suffering that we hold within our hearts is manifested into the world. Our pain is not only ours but the planet's.

When we let go of the pain we get closer to authentic being. In discovery, it's true freedom and I am grateful to use my awareness to practice the ways to live it. As an authentic being, transforming the energies I held back into love, I contribute to the authentic whole.

To know our true essence, love, we must let go of the suffering we create for ourselves.

How do you love yourself? How do you let self-compassion show you the way?

It is work to let go and the work we incarnated to experience. We are all learning and can embrace that life is a school to learn these lessons. We can go deeper to reflect on why we are experiencing disconnect, disharmony, and disease.

Our awareness is where we start, and our practices keep us in alignment.

What tools do you use in sustaining well-being?

We get to use our awareness to return to this complete love that we are. We have forgotten our true essence and it's time we return. We get to take the necessary steps to understand why we suffer.

We must address what has become conditioned in our beliefs — emotions, thoughts, patterns, and prejudices— we keep. We must use our experiences as the teachers and guideposts they are, to bring us back to our center.

I have spent conscious time using my awareness to heal and mend the broken pieces I actually forgot were even there. I will continue to heal and practice the ways to live in alignment. Life is a continuous journey of healing and growth. I will teach how to sustain freedom from the war within our hearts.

I know you and I are the same at the core level. We all want peace, harmony, and love. When we acknowledge this truth, we see our own struggles and those of others with compassion.

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