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You vs. You

Meditation provides connection to a different realm. It’s more than a space of quietness and stillness. Meditation practice gives one the ability to go deep into the unknown with concentration and focus. It allows connection with source, being with all that is– the Universe, Source, God– whatever it means to you. One typically tries meditation to change. If one wants to change, one has to get beyond the body and mind.

I began my meditation practice with little expectations. I just wanted to calm my mind. I’d use options for guidance to discover what I enjoyed. There were a few apps I’d use, but sounds became my go-to. The tranquil sound of a stream of water in a vibrant green, dense, lush forest. I’d visualize sitting, grounding near this flowing water in the Mendocino Forest. Then I began meditating in silence. I’d sit allowing the stillness to envelop me, with focus on breath when my body’s mind was noisy. My practice then was inconsistently 10 minutes, and increased to a consistent 20 minutes.

Now it’s been over a year, and I am meditating 30 minutes minimum up to 1-2 hours a day. However, around the time I went to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s weekend retreat, my coherency began allowing for shorter meditation times. His retreat was transforming in my quick coherency and the hammering in of scientific concepts, practices, research, and proof of meditation.

From my experience, the duration varies each time you practice. There are no set rules. It is your practice. At first, it does feel strange for the mind that is always thinking, planning, and doing. But have patience. The practice of meditation will allow for more patience! I believe meditating in the morning is the best time– making it a habit like brushing your teeth. Dr. Joe Dispenza shared that he meditates in the morning to overcome himself– overcoming himself at the start of the day, so he can overcome anything or anybody throughout the day.

At times, my mind still wants to grab my attention while meditating. However, it’s become much better. When I have thoughts coming through, I go back to my breath and hold my attention in the space of nothingness. I remind myself that I require this time to meditate that much more. I remember I am in connection to being, and put to the test overcoming my body once again. I feel that when I am centered things throughout the day become a lot easier. When I allow myself to accept this peace, all flows more freely in rhythm.

Find what works for you. Meditation is also focused attention aka mindfulness meditation. You can meditate while being completely mindful of the task at hand– in the zone. We actually meditate often throughout our day, we are just unaware. Perhaps, when you brush your teeth, your mind is just doing that focused task and thinking of nothing else. You can meditate while taking a walk and only focus on the stimulation from your senses– what you see, smell, and hear. There's also using a candle flame, or any such focal point, to maintain your attention. Where you place your attention, is where you place your energy.

Reflecting on my journey so far, meditation has been transformational. And with practice, I’ve uncovered so much beauty in the simplest moments of just being my truest essence. A meditation practice allows you to get in touch with what being really is. I understand that a coherent mind and heart, which you intend through a meditation practice, provides alignment, synchronicities and manifestations in your life. Who isn’t ready to consciously create reality?

Today, one’s attention span is short. We have a lot at our fingertips and equally as much on our mind. People have to schedule self-care appointments, which I totally support. We should schedule the time to meditate. After all, if you want to create your reality and not be a byproduct of it! There is joy in experiencing your own meditation practice. Meditation is easy, there is no need to over complicate the practice. Remember anything you want to get well at takes practice and the benefits will soon follow.

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