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Step into the Subconscious 

Discover the subconscious to understand beliefs, patterns, and distress. Explore true reality by connecting to higher consciousness.

Better Navigate Energy

Raise vibrations to step back into a natural state. Every level of our being creates wellness through energy alignment.



Past lives


Soul part exchange


Soul retrieval

Power retrieval

Energy alignment

Dream interpretation






Our Opportunity

... is to evolve beyond our conscious mind; let go of fear, doubt, and stress; and stop repeating unhealthy patterns.  

... is to trust experiences will bring us to wholeness while connecting to our intuition to live empowered.

... is to commit to practices for well-being.


The journey gives many teachers. These experiences are always meant to be used for growth. It's through sustaining well-being that awareness brings deeper acceptance in the journey. By revealing the areas I kept unconscious for protection, I finally freed my authentic being.


Self-discovery is continuous. My gut instinct led me to study holistic nutrition and address concerns relating to imbalances. I knew there was an opportunity to realign my energy by changing my lifestyle. It was acknowledging where my will needed support. I felt ready to step on the path to live well.

A calling from my higher self brought deep knowing for a stronger connection with this part of me. I discovered the blocks, emotional wounds, and traumas I was to work on. I remembered my spiritual beingness living a temporary human experience.

We must expand and go deeper. The return to where we have forgotten, our true self and universal oneness. The part of us that always knows the best way is our intuition and divinity. This is where we live empowered.

The opportunity we have before us each day is to use the many tools and practices. I freed myself from pain each time I practiced what my heart needed. We must recognize our ability to elevate to higher frequency. Our raised vibes offer human experience greater levels of opportunity. 


I will explore consciousness and be guided along the way, supporting individual and collective expansion. I am grateful for the learning I've experienced so far, and recognize I am just getting started...






    Joseph Ynostroza is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. He graduated from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, California where he studied the Eating for Health® model and practical lifestyle management techniques. He is certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and also holds a BA from San Diego State University. 


  He is a Certified Breathwork + Meditation Facilitator and Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner. Further study led him to the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, and here he pursued applied shamanism, spiritual counseling, and Depth Hypnosis. He is also completing the Plant Medicine program and will support those interested in using psychedelics. 

  • Applied Shamanism, Foundation of the Sacred Stream

  • Hypnotherapy + Spiritual Counseling, Foundation of the Sacred Stream

  • Meditation + Breathwork, Loka Yoga Teacher Training YACEP

  • Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Quantum Healers, Candace Craw-Goldman

  • Reiki Master Certification, Energy + Natural Healing, Melissa Crowhurst

  • Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, Bauman College

  • BA, Economics, San Diego State University




"Amazing! Truly a gift. Got more out of it than expected. Made real progress in healing past trauma. The experience itself was intense but also enjoyable because of Joseph's professionalism and kind energy. I felt comfortable, safe, and supported to explore what was needed. Left feeling more connected, lighter, freer. Was able to tap into specific areas needing to work through that past traditional therapy has not quite achieved."

* A.S.

"Joseph is amazing. He is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and easily guides in a hypnosis session rather than telling me what to do in a session. I really like that I can trust him."

* M.N.

"I had a very insightful, cool experience that opened up my mind to new ideas. I learned and understood more about myself - my higher being. I would definitely do again and ask more challenging questions. I've learned to trust by asking and listening to my higher self. Joseph is a great coach and I've loved the inspirational lessons that are helping me be a better, loving me"

* A.N.

"Joseph’s Quantum Healing was Amazing!! I saw so much more than I thought I would…past lives that really helped me answer some questions that were perplexing me. This journey brought me into feeling an expanded state of love and consciousness connection to all that is. It was such a beautiful experience! Joseph did an absolutely wonderful job guiding me. His kindness and gentle cadence of his voice helped me feel very safe to trust what I see and surrender into the experience. I look forward to more sessions with Joseph…loved it!"

* M.R.

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