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I offer services to empower, connecting with higher guidance to support in whatever area is needed. We have an opportunity to look within to restore power, using tools and methods to take charge of our well-being. 

When energy gets off balance we must use the messages we are receiving. We recognize these subtle nudges the more in tune we become. By returning to our natural state, our energy alignment becomes possible. 

Our connection will allow for greater awareness to be brought forward and allow your path to be illuminated.


back to vitality.

Let go of fatigue, stress, anxiety, migraines, joint pain, digestive symptoms, emotional state imbalance, habits, and addictions. 

Heal from trauma, inner conflict, blocks, and pain. 

I've studied and now practice hypnosis techniques which bring a deeper understanding of self-healing. Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a modality focusing on the exploration of the subconscious mind using heart-mind coherency.

Depth Hypnosis™, created by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., brings together hypnosis, Buddhism, and Shamanism. I've studied these techniques and methods to support in addressing emotional and spiritual opportunities. 

Expanded awareness brings deeper healing. When supported in a relaxed meditative space we can receive necessary insight and energy alignment. Learn more about BQH and hypnosis practice here

Shamans from every corner of the Earth understood a person's healing comes from returning to nature. They taught their communities the power of energy, spirit guides, and the divine.  

Applied Shamanism brings indigenous wise teachings, techniques, and practices to modern living. These methods offer one a deeper connection with their intuition and higher consciousness.

As a practitioner, I've developed connections with my guides to support others in areas of opportunity. I work with my guides using various methods of energy alignment and revitalizing wholeness.

Lifestyle is sustainable when we have the best tools and practices aligned with our honest intentions. I support you in making the necessary changes for a renewed sense of possibility. 

Using intuitive guidance, and the Eating for Health® model, we revive our energy with high-vibrational foods. S.O.U.L (seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and locally nutrient-dense) foods support raised vibes for body and mind.

Let's Get on the path

We'll begin exploring with five sessions; discounted for a total of $500.


The standard hourly rate is $111.

Each session varies between 60-75 mins.

Sessions via Zoom. 

Please pay before the first session.

Please cancel with at least 24 hours' notice.

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