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Sessions in self-discovery will include Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), and Hypnotherapy + Spiritual Counseling. BQH is a heart-based modality and focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist individuals in self-healing. The relaxation and hypnosis techniques help one get into a deep meditative state. 


During the session, the individual will connect with Higher Self (subconscious) and Universal Collective (super subconscious). Within the journey, other dimensions, past/ future lives, and specific information will be discovered.


BQH was inspired by the great consciousness pioneers of recent history. Quantum healing gained notice in 1989, the same year Deepak Chopra published Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine. Chopra wrote the book combining his knowledge about Western medicine, and physics to show how people can use the energy of their own body to heal from within. 


Notable teachers such as Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, and Dolores Cannon have paved the way for the next generation of Quantum Healers to go beyond process and procedure and embrace a more expansive definition of human consciousness exploration that acknowledges energy, intention, and the heart. BQH was created by Candice Craw-Goldman, who worked directly with Dolores Cannon for many years.


Why do people consider Beyond Quantum Hypnosis?

A session allows a person to get to the deeper root cause of why certain patterns are showing up in their life. These recurring patterns can be related to excessive stress, illnesses, injuries, dreams, and people/ situations we attract in our life. Really anything you might wish to align, know more about, or experience can be addressed in a session. Alignment in areas of emotional release, energy center balancing, mind + heart coherency, and inner trauma healing. 

What happens during a session?

The first part of the session will allow for consciousness exploration, where you will journey to the most relevant time and place. And during the second part of the session, Joseph will ask your prepared questions, on your behalf, as you will be able to see, hear, or feel the responses to these questions with wisdom from Higher Self. 


​How do I prepare for my session?

Upon booking your session, you’ll receive a detailed email on how to get ready for your session. The most important focuses are to set your intention for the session and prepare 10 questions you wish to ask your Higher Self.

What is the session checklist?

1. Wear comfy clothes; 2. Have a blanket near, as you may get cold during the session; 3. Set your laptop at a high angle next to where you will lay; 4. Have charged earbuds/ headphones, or ones to be plugged in; 5. Have a glass of water for the water alchemy segment. 

Will I fall asleep in a trance? 

No, you will not go so deep into hypnosis that you become unconscious. You will be in a state between awake and asleep (between alpha and theta brain wave states), which is the optimal spot for your Subconscious to speak through you. *Note: all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. 


How can the session be done online? 

Energy can be transported through time and space, which means that energy healing can take place even over a geographical distance. You can experience these sessions from the comfort of your home. 

Will I receive a recording? 

The full hypnosis is recorded and available for your download. Joseph will send you the link after the session. It is recommended that you listen to the recording to allow the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious to be fully integrated.

Let's Get on the path

We'll begin exploring with five sessions; discounted for a total of $500.


The standard hourly rate is $111.

Each session varies between 60-75 mins.

Sessions via Zoom. 

Please pay before the first session.

Please cancel a session with at least 24 hours notice.

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