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Vulnerability, Not So Serious

not so serious vulnerability

I kept myself reserved at times because I was afraid to be vulnerable.

I believe men (and women) tend to hold emotions because we grew up never being taught that it was OK to express. As a society, we have accepted that men should not express their feelings.

"Stop crying!"

We are being told here to stop expressing - it's uncomfortable for me and I don't know how to either. Caretakers were also never taught it was OK to express themselves.

Emotions that are held and not properly processed are stored. Stored emotions become levels of disconnect from true authenticity.

I cut myself off from being myself because I had been told too many times my actions were unacceptable. I became unconscious of the ways this molding effect had on me.

Like pretending to be happy when you want to cry - it's fake. When we have layers upon layers of stuck energy we become numb. Our authentic being desires to feel.

By expressing our emotions, we are being authentic.

When we are masking our authenticity, this disconnect takes us away from the present moment.

We must continue to recognize our emotions and those of others. The opportunity is to remove the masks and freely express ourselves.

Let's normalize that we all feel sad, angry, frustrated, upset. Let's hold the space for others when they are having a moment, and stay true to our emotions.

Be vulnerable at any given moment.

We have emotions to better understand our nature. Emotions are meant to be experienced, and although we may have learned to push them to the side, those emotions will still be there. 

When we don't process our emotions they accumulate. Then, when we have a new challenge we reach a tipping point– when aggression or a stronger reaction surfaces. We get frustrated, irritable, and impatient with others and the situation.

We may decide to avert from the emotion by numbing ourselves. We turn to substances that numb. I used to avoid my emotions and I had no idea what this was doing to my well-being. I am relearning and doing my best to recognize my feelings.

Our energy should be the focal point of every moment like nothing else matters. When we recognize our energy is off, we have an opportunity to reflect on what’s causing the disconnect. 

Stress is meant to be temporary. With the awareness of stress, use the feelings to show why it's happening. We then process it for as long as needed, then use intention to transform the emotion.

This transformation happens when we bring forth higher vibrations. Feeling grateful, love, and acceptance. Our challenging experiences can be seen from all angles.

Emotions must be experienced to recognize the return to well-being. From these energy motions, we better navigate in life.

We express, learn, and let go.  


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