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Channeling Zendar

On December 3, 2021, in a facilitated hypnosis session, we received a message from a compassionate being. 

Client: He says that we have met before in a different lifetime and we’ve been working together. He says we are still working together. He says there is something being constructed. He keeps talking about a bigger picture. I hear him saying parallel universe. They are constructing a module based on the time period that is now. 

There is a module that is going to be reconstructed. He says these pings, seven layers of Earth. Trying to ask if he wants to channel, but I don't think so. He says it's best for him to talk to me this way right now. He says it’s very important information. He’s saying the galactic federation is coming together to be able to help raise the frequency. 

He says Veronica doesn't remember the picture. The galactic federation is a universal alliance formed to help raise the vibration of Earth and to join forces to be able to overcome the things that are going to be coming to Earth soon. He says that’s why everybody is on their mission to be able to join, something about togetherness. He’s going to channel through me now. 

Being: Greetings dear human, my name is Zendar. 

Practitioner: Hi Zendar, my name is Joseph. What message do you have for us?

Zendar: There will be an alliance forming, there is an alliance forming to help this planet to become a much beautiful essence. 

Joseph: When is this happening? 

Zendar: Yes, this is happening in this now moment. 

Joseph: Is there anything that we must do to prepare? 

Zendar: Continue on the path that you are all on doing and continue raising your frequencies and your vibrations because it will only help in the long run. 

Joseph: Is there specific ways we can keep our vibration raised? 

Zendar: Everyone has different ways of raising their vibration, whatever works best for them, each its own.

Joseph: What else can you tell us about what’s happening at this time?

Zendar: We are asked to join forces for a particular reason. This will help raise the vibration that will help bring the light out. The more light we have the better the frequencies and shifts will move in a much more flowing manner.

Joseph: Are we on the correct pace of this movement? 

Zendar: Yes, most definitely. A lot of you are awakening and beginning your journeys and we applaud you all for doing so. It will only help the next shift in frequency that will be happening. 

Joseph: Can you tell us when this shift will happen? 

Zendar: The winter solstice (Winter Solstice 2021). 

Joseph: How else must we prepare for the shift? 

Zendar: That is why we applaud and want everyone to continue on their spiritual journeys because it will only help your planet. The less negativity the better and the way we will win with much more light.

Joseph:  How can we help those that are still in a negative polarity?

Zendar: Offering healing to them but it is up to them to be open to receiving it. And they do have free will and they will be able to help and open their light if they want to but if they do not then it is ok for them to be, for they all have a purpose here too.

Joseph: Are you able to share any more information about the shifts happening? 

Zendar: We are moving into new beginnings, a much brighter time, a much more happier time, but we must see much more darkness in the beginning until we begin to move, so that is why these shifts happen because it allows the Earth to be able to inhabit these shifts and form humans to be able to adapt to them as well. We are moving slowly but surely and we will get there eventually but dark will take place first and then after the darkness happens, negativity will have to happen for this light to be able to overcome it.

The client agreed to share this transcript, and her identity. Her name is Veronica; she continues to channel messages from compassionate beings. Find her at

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