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My connection to others and my relationships teach me the depth of my connection to self, others, and source.

Everything comes from source. We are all related in some way, and this may seem expansive.

Experiences with another teach us more about our true nature. It's through relationships that we transform and learn.

I’ve found that there are many ways to express with another. Sometimes expressing can be from afar and without conversation. There are ways we can connect through the many realms we do not see.

In this reality, we see all the physical manifestations including people, places, and things. This perspective is limited because we deeply know there is much more than what meets the eye.

There are realms outside our 3D mindset perspective. When we accept this truth, experiences become open to these realms.

When we transcend from being only of this body, we open up to so much more. In dreams and imagination, this experience of reality is just as real as the physical.

Connection with others happens in many ways. Through our prayers, intention, and even telepathy. We connect in a much deeper way by accepting the true realm of existence.

We always give and receive through energetic connection, through our subconscious field of collective unity. We develop greater connections with others, ourselves, and the divine when we step into the unknown.


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