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Unconditional Love

I wanted self-love to be taking care of myself, living less toxic, and accepting myself for who I was. Yet, I neglected the natural love I needed.

Self-loving is a process. Over the years and after the necessary shifts in my life, I began to understand love in a new light.

Self-love is treating ourselves with kindness and respect, even in the thoughts and feelings we have of ourselves. We accept ourselves fully as an eternal divine being and nurture our growth and well-being.

Self-love is meeting your own needs.

Self-love is prioritizing your well-being.

Self-love making healthy choices most of the time.

Self-love is holding yourself accountable.

Self-love is setting realistic expectations.

Self-love is forgiving yourself when you mess up.

Self-love is valuing your feelings.

By caring for ourselves, we benefit collectively. When we are in tune with our own needs, we are better able to tune in to the needs of others. We unconditionally love a child, and we too must unconditionally love ourselves. When we love ourselves in this way, we give and receive authentically.

Our natural state is love. We return to our essence of being and recognize that we are love. Love is cast over our whole being. This truth has been revealed from my spiritual acceptance. I was reminded that we are truly a being of source, which is love and innate essence.

There are various ways to love and remember our truest essence of being. Journey inward with breathwork, meditation, and yoga. Remember your innate connection to oneness with time in nature. Spend moments alone to just be. Love is experiencing unconditional power.

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