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Either food, places, people, and experiences GIVE you energy or they ZAP it.

Being on a trail surrounded by vibrant lush green forest provides me with a natural high. It's the breath of energy, I'll take any day.

When we start to feel like our energy is being depleted, or we just can’t make it through what we’re trying to accomplish— instead of grabbing another coffee, take a few minutes to be aware of why our energy levels feel low. Perhaps, we just need that breath of fresh air outside to clear our head and recenter.

Often, we can make minor tweaks to realign our energy and feel a natural boost. Was your last meal a high vibrational one? Anything we choose for our experience is an opportunity to sustain our current vibe. We do this by holding our authentic being.

Once we become aware of how we’re spending our time and energy, we must make the adjustments to sustain our natural frequency. Once we realize how special our energy levels really are and how to ultimately maintain energy (without any extra caffeine), we’ll quit wasting time and energy on all the things that expend us. 


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