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Elevate: Higher Frequency

elevate higher frequency on mount shasta

We reach our true potential through higher frequency. Throughout the day, and our lives, our frequency fluctuates because of the various energies we are influenced by. When we become aware of the changes in our frequency, our opportunity is to return to our natural state. This natural state is our highest potential frequency.

Starts with compassion. When we come from self-love, our heart center is expansive. We appreciate where we stand in the moment and are grateful for how we show up. Living deeply from your heart, and expressing unconditionally is a magnetic gift. Collectively we are going from a mind-centered way of living to a heart-centered one. Having a little more self-compassion is having a bit more compassion for another. In this article, I share more about what self-love can do for you: Unconditional.

Feel joy. The emotion of joy is a highly vibrational one. Even those short moments that bring a sense of joy increase our vibe. It’s that moment of complete surrender in the feeling. It’s often the simplest things that can spark joy. Whatever makes you feel joy must be recognized and share that feeling with others. When we share our joy, others too may remember to rejoice in precious moments.

Service matters. Living as your true self by what you say and do will ultimately allow others to do the same. We come from this wholesome place without any internal conflict. What we represent is our truth, and what someone else represents is their truth. We serve others by offering authenticity through organic actions, self-compassion, and self-respect. Service in this regard magnifies out into the Universe bringing more love, peace, and respect.

Recognize energy influencers. You’re not connecting with the same friends, and realize familiar habits are feeling toxic. Where we currently vibrate determines what we are attracted to. We connect with those with the same vibration. Recognize people, places, or things that you no longer want to be in vibrational resonance with and respect this feeling.


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