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earthing on the sandy beach

We need to ground. Ground our energy to the Earth.

We can do this by walking on the Earth with our bare feet. Unless we are at the beach or in our yard, our feet are strapped in shoes made of rubber.

Our feet or anywhere the body can reconnect with the Earth will bring natural healing currents that balance the physiology at the deepest levels. This supports reducing inflammation and stress while improving energy.

We don't connect nearly enough to the Earth, and this disconnect contributes to disharmony within our energy system.

Earthing restores our energy field by neutralizing imbalances. Grounding every day does wonders for sustaining the body's natural state.

We use technology for so many luxuries. Now we can use a very simple technology to ground indoors.

I have been using the Earthing grounding mat— one at my feet when I’m working at the desk and one under my fitted sheet while I sleep at night. The energy is subtly felt while I work, and I'm having a deeper sleep.

I advocate for anything that restores energy and elevates my being.

Ground outdoors, and indoors with Earthing® mats.


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